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Monday, January 5, 2009


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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Winding it Down

I have two races remaining this year: the ITU Huatulco World Cup on Oct 26 and the ITU San Francisco Continental Cup on Nov 8. Since I just finished a 4-week racing block, over the first half of this week I simply focused on recovering and getting my body back to a point where I could train hard again. It hasn't been easy - my plantar fasciitis is acting up and I'm still feeling sore from Tinley's this past Saturday. Nevertheless, with 4 weeks left in the season I'm going to train hard and try to make the best of these two remaining races. I've already had an awesome season, and another 1 or 2 good races would just be icing on the cake.

Earlier in the year I had a 3-week racing block with the first 2 races in Europe. Racing 3 weeks in a row took it out of me and I returned home burnt out and injured (with the PF). I ended up taking a little over a week off. I took this experienced and learned from it. During this past racing block I actually felt stronger each week. The main changes I made were maintaining weight room strength and dialing in a good general nutrition/recovery plan. I was sure to get in the weight room and workout with TC at least a couple times during my racing block, and I also started working with Jesse Kropelnicki of QT2 Systems to nail out a nutrition plan that would keep me at optimal energy levels. I have to say this combination worked great. Although I'm still fatigued from racing, I'm able to get through my workouts and I don't have that "burnt out" feeling I had during my summer racing block. All that's left to do now is to maintain some fitness, bang out some speed work, and let it rip in Huatulco!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Scott Tinely's Race Reporto

I flew out to San Luis Obispo to compete in Tinley’s non-drafting international race which was the final competition of my four-week racing block. I was hoping to end this little block on a good note. The bike course was gradually rolling with some sharp hills right before and after transition, and the run course was very hilly and technical. The morning of the race it became apparent that the weather would not be cooperating, and it began to rain.

After a short run warm up and a decent swim warmup I headed over to the starting area. The swim would be two laps. I thought that the course looked obvious at first glance and really didn’t put much thought into it – I doubted that I’d be leading on the swim… So the starting horn blasts and off we go. I started right next to Brian Fleischman, the heavy race favorite. I was able to get out a bit quicker than Brian, who was on my right. To the left, there were one or two guys about even with me. Feeling surprisingly good, I lifted the pace and clearly moved into the lead. It was completely unexpected but also a rush. I was about a body length ahead with Fleischman right on my feet. I make the turn at the first buoy and continue to hammer. The second buoy is approaching. I didn’t know whether I was supposed to continue straight or bang a left. I went left. It was wrong. A few strokes later I looked back to see that no one had followed me, and the people in the lead boat were screaming at me. I quickly corrected my mistake and got back on course in about 5th or 6th position. Fleischman had capitalized on my mistake and had opened up a little lead. I bridged back up to 2nd place and led the chase group out of the water just over 20 seconds behind Fleischman. Kevin Collington and Victor Plata were right on my heels.

There is a steep hill coming right out of t1. It feels awful to start off a 40k tt with your legs burning. After I descended the hill I began to put my feet in my shoes. Plata passed me as I was doing this. After getting my feet fastened I began to go to work and passed Plata back. I worked on getting into a nice, high-cadence rhythm. A few miles later, Kevin Everett passed me and we rode together (staggered of course). We traded off 2nd place for most of the 40k. It began to rain harder and about halfway into the bike it was pouring. Absolutely miserable conditions! At the bike turnaround it was clear that Fleischman had about a minute on us. Also, to my surprise, Everett and I hadn’t dropped Plata, and he was hanging out a couple hundred meters behind us. It made me nervous that the 2004 Olympian and strong runner was so close nearing the end of the bike course. Because of this I rode conservatively, trying to save a little something in my legs for the treacherous run course. With a couple miles to go I tried to pick up the pace a little bit to see what would happen. I began to put some distance on Everett and Plata, however, they both caught me right before going into t2.

I had a fast transition and headed out in 3rd place behind Everett but in front of Plata. The 2-loop run course had a turnaround at 1.5 miles, so I was able to see Fleischman and timed how much he was ahead: about 58 seconds. Also, Plata caught me at this turnaround. I expected the two of us to battle it out and hopefully push each other hard enough to catch Fleischman, however, Plata began to fade and I eventually put about 3 minutes on him. (He later told me that he had totally spent it trying to hang with me on the bike…) The run course was tough, but I was concentrating hard on working the hills and maintaining a fast rhythm. At the run turnaround on the 2nd lap Fleischman had 44 seconds on me, and I doubted that I would catch him as I had only gained about 15 seconds. When I saw Plata at that turnaround he started screaming at me to go after Fleischman. It was intense, but it was the motivation I needed. With 1.5 miles to go I gave it everything I had. I could see Fleischman up ahead and was closing on him. There was a giant hill with a steep decent just before the finish. Since it was wet out and you couldn’t hammer the downhills, I knew if I was going to catch him it would have to be before the top of the hill. I totally spent everything I had but came up just short. I made up 30 seconds on him in that last 1.5 miles, but Fleischman held on for the win with me 14 seconds back. I had the day’s fastest run split.

All in all I was extremely happy with the race. I had some good speed in the water and was able to ride hard but still run well off the bike. It was a great way to end my 4-week-in-a-row racing block.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

2nd at Scott Tinley's!!

Great race overall. I was only 14 seconds behind Brian Fleischman and over 3 minutes ahead of 3rd place (Victor Plata). Tough course... Race Report to come.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Duxbury Race Report

The weather had been pretty terrible all weekend leading up to Duxbury. The day before the race we got an e-mail saying that the swim was cancelled due to choppy waters, then later that day another e-mail was sent out saying the swim was tentative and a decision would be made on race morning. The race started at 10:30 AM. At 9:45, it looked like it would be too foggy to hold the swim (safety issues). But as luck would have it, the fog lifted at 10 AM and the rain let up, and it was go time.

When the starting horn blasted for the half mile swim I got off to a strong start. I looked over and Tony Delogne (former IM Lake Placid winner) was right next to me as was some dude not wearing a wetsuit (water was like sub-60!). By the time we got to the first buoy no-wetsuit-dude was half a body length in front of me! I began to suspect this was some ringer collegiate swimmer who decided to do a triathlon. I started to veer over towards him and was planning on getting in the draft behind his feet. As I was doing this he started fading... hard. I stopped drifting towards him and increased my kick. I dropped him easily and began to rapidly pull away. Turns out he just sprinted out waaaay too hard. So I continued my fast rhythm and exited the water 1st with Tony about 25 seconds behind.

I crushed the run from the swim exit to t1, going as hard as I could. I hopped on my bike, hammered over the 1/2 mile wooden bridge, let up for a few seconds to get my feet in my shoes, and then I went back to work. I put my head down and went for it on the bike. I knew Tony was a strong cyclist, so I kept checking behind me every few miles, but I never saw him. I pushed it hard on the bike and stayed as aero as possible. When I came back towards transition I again hammered over the wooden bridge - I thought I could gain time on people here as others might be cautious going over this.

I didn't have as quick a t2 as I did t1, but nevertheless I had a sizable lead and took off on the run course. I took it out hard, but my legs were definitely feeling the effort I put into the bike. I had to ease up on the pace a tiny bit but still was maintaining a strong tempo. The run course went by quickly, and before I knew it I had the wooden bridge back in site - just over a half mile left. When I got to the bridge I picked up the pace. It was easy with the crowds cheering for me. I got off the bridge and took the hard left and sprinted towards the finish. All in all, I felt strong the whole time.

A few minutes after I finished a little boy came up to me and gave me an award that he had made for the first place finisher. His dad was behind him and reminded him that he was supposed to shake someone's hand when giving them an award - so he stuck out his little hand. It was so cute! The best was the first line of the award he gave me - "Dear 1'th Place...". It was awesome. After the awards ceremony my dad and I headed over to a Team Psycho gathering that was in Duxbury. It was really fun - the food was great and there was all the Harpoon you could ever want. Later that evening I went for a 30 minute spin on the trainer to loosen up my legs. And then I slept for almost 11 hours!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

3 down, 1 to go

Just finished my third race in as many weeks: the Duxbury Triathlon.

1 more to go in my 4 week racing block (the longest ever for me). On Thursday morning I depart from Providence for California to race Scott Tinley's. Dux race report to come.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a weekend!

I'm still on top of the world after having one of my best races ever this past Saturday

Me and Sarah Groff shared 3rd place honors
Me, Matty Reed, and Ol' Umpenour sporting the American flag

The race started with a swim in Lake Hagg, which was just barely over the wetsuit cutoff temp. So the water was cold! The horn blasted and we all dove off the pontoon into the freezing water. I immediately started getting sandwiched and bumped from both sides, so I was forced to drop back a little and slide over onto someone's feet. After rounding the second buoy I saw that I was at the back of the lead pack, just a few seconds down from the leaders. It was a great position to be in. I held my place to the swim exit, ran to my bike, and easily got into that lead bike group -- not counting the breakaway that Matt Reed and Matt Chrabot had started. While my pack was losing time to the 2 Matt's, I was still very content with our position, which was over a minute ahead of the pack behind us. Looking around I saw that I would most likely be battling it out with Mark Fretta, Joe Umpenour, Brian Fleischman, and Tim O'Donnel. All of a sudden I heard this screeching noise of metal on pavement. I looked over to see Fretta fly into a ditch on the side of the road. The tubular tire had somehow come off his rim, and he had gone careening off the road. We entered t2, and I was the 4th person from my pack out on the run. I immediately moved into 4th place overall behind Reed, Chrabot, and Umpenour. I held a constant distance behind Umpenour until the 3rd lap, when he began to pull away. I thought I was a lock for 4th, but Chrabot started struggling hard on the last lap, and I passed him with 1k to go, securing my podium finish. The adrenaline was pumping. This was one of my most memorable races in the sport.

Running onto the podium.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

3rd at Elite Nationals!

So pumped! Won U23 National Title by about 5 mins! Stay tuned, more to come.