Thursday, August 21, 2008

ITU Kelowna Continental Cup/Canadian Nationals

I had a hectic weekend that included 7 flights, an unexpected overnight in Montreal, and my best ever finish in a pro race! I headed to Kelowna, BC to race the ITU points race/Canadian Nationals. With the top Canadians at the Olympics, I knew it would be a good chance for guys like me to do well. Matt Seymour and I got the same homestay, which was another adventure in itself...

Now onto the race...
A not so great swim still enabled me to exit the water in the main pack. Several guys had broken away on the swim, but luckily I exited the water around plenty of people to work with on the bike. The bike course was 6 laps with one steep, long hill per lap. It was a leg-burner. Anyway, I got out onto the bike with 2 breakaway groups up the road. We quickly caught the first one at the start of the 2nd lap - this group included Matt Seymour, John Dahlz, and another Canadian. Our group worked together alright, not great, but finally on the 5th of 6 laps we were able to catch the lead breakaway group, which included the heavy race favorite Brent McMahon. There were several attacks during the last lap, but nothing came to fruition. I tried to attack once to bridge up to Dave Messenheimer, who had attacked a few seconds earlier, but as soon as I did McMahon was on my wheel, and I knew he wasn't going to give me an inch, so I sat up. Nearing t2 I unfortunately got caught in the back of our group. I hate it when that happens.

I had a decent t2 and headed out on the run in about 11th place. I quickly moved up into 3rd place within the first few hundred meters. It took me until about the end of the 1st (of 4) laps to catch 2nd-place AP B-Smith. McMahon was already 30 seconds up the road at the end of the 1st lap, and I knew he was not only going to win, but he was going to make a statement (perhaps about not being in Beijing...). Nevertheless, I pushed on and began to pull away from AP. On the 3rd lap I began to relax a little, and I did the same on the 4th knowing that I was comfortably in 2nd place. I picked it up some in the last K for good measure. My 32:40 run split was a solid one for me, especially given how comfortable I felt on the run. So 2nd place! My best pro finish to date! I'm pumped, and I won $1,060.90 Canadian dollars (Is that less or more in USD???).

For now it's kind of a lazy week before I race the Cranberry Olympic distance triathlon this Sunday. I can't wait for Jarrod and Alicia to get back from Beijing so I can hear all about it.

Look at those high knees. Now that's an exit!
Out of t2
Brent dominating
Me in 2nd


kwoz said...

i was just in canada for 2 weeks. it's sad that our money isn't worth as much as it used to be. congrats!

Barrett Brandon said...

I have no idea who KWOZ is, but apparently they forget the premise of the whole exchange rate idea. Since the dollar is WEAKER than it used to be, Ethan will get MORE money than he would have a few years ago. Good on ya, Ethan. Nice raceing. Look forward to seeing you in Portland. And look up Kim Smith's 6xmile workout on flotrack....ridiculous. cheers!

Barrett Brandon said...