Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Next Up: Plymouth Rock

This weekend I'm heading to historical Plymouth, MA to race the Mayflower International Triathlon. Distances are a 1 mile swim, 30 mile bike, and 6.5 mile run, so this will actually be the longest triathlon I've ever done (Could I slowly be creeping up to 70.3?). There will also be an iron-distance race going on at the same time as mine, it is the only ironman race in MA - goodluck to my friend Abby who will be racing that. Anyway, I have already started studying the course...

And Training

Because of my fiasco at Cranberry I didn't really need any recovery on Monday, so I am in the midst of a hard 5-day block. It basically kicked off with a short brick workout Sunday afternoon. Monday I had a 2-hour ride on my TT bike with power intervals and a 20 min TT, and then a solid 4500 meters at Minuteman. Yesterday I had a tough track workout (800s), easy ride, and then a tough weight room session with TC. Today I just completed a 9 mile run with a few miles "steady", and I'll shortly head out for a 90 minute ride followed by swim practice. Tomorrow holds another hard TT bike workout with a brick run and most likely a weight room session. While it sucked to DNF on Sunday, it has turned out to be a positive in the sense that it set me up for some good training these past few days. Friday and Saturday I'll begin to rest up for my Plymouth debut!

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