Monday, July 21, 2008

Coach Rich's craziness

Q. What do the terms 'fast', 'comfortable fast', 'work', 'race', 'race-pace', 'hammer', 'charge', 'sprint', 'strong', and 'hard' all have in common?

A. They all mean the same thing!

They're just different ways of saying that the next interval is going to hurt, and Rich loves to utilize all these terms, which are only a small portion of "hurt" words in Rich's vast swimming vocabulary. Today was my first long swim practice in operation "Get fit again" and I was victim to several of the aforementioned phrases. Grand total was 5k meters and our last set was 4x200 swimming the first 100 "strong" and then "dropping the hammer" on the final 100. Unfortunately my hammer was not very heavy, but I gave it everything I had. I have over a month to rebuild my aerobic base, so I'm not too worried about not being on my A-game tonight. Now I need to go get some sleep so I can get dominated on the track tomorrow at 9 AM...

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