Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm Back!

I apologize to my loyal blog readers for not updating my web site. My laptop needed a new hard drive and I lost all my data and programs, and without Dreamweaver I am currently unable to update. I will be keeping this blog temporarily until I can find a solution to my problems.

To quickly summarize the past month and a half:

June 08: U23 Worlds - DNF Hypothermia
June 29: World University Games - 28th
July 06: Hamburg World Cup - 15th
July 12: Geneva Continental Cup - 3rd

I finally seemed to have found my groove after a couple poor performances. I was thrilled with my performance in Hamburg. I had a fast run (32:09 10k), and my 15th place finish was the best ever American debut in a World Cup (Potts was 19th in 2003). Next, this past weekend I had another good race in Geneva, taking a personal-best 3rd place finish. The race was a sufferfest with high heat (90 degrees) and humidity. Lots of guys dropped out during the run, and I also lapped many people (run course was 6 laps). Geneva was my 3rd race in 3 weeks, and I'm pretty wiped out from all the racing and traveling. This was the first time I ever raced 3 weekends in a row, and my feet are covered in blisters and I have some extreme soreness in my right calf. I am currently taking a few days off from training and then will go back into a base phase for about a month as I begin to focus on big races in September-November. Through some of Team Psycho's hook-ups I've been allocated 6 cases of Harpoon beer, and I will be sure to take full advantage of this in my down time.


Barrett Brandon said...

all i can say is that is about freaking time for an update.....and good job! and by Dr. Brown are you implying there might be a Valenica 2010 FISU in your future????

kwoz said...

that's better. :) nice work. at least the michigan tri club has something to show for itself. haha

Anonymous said...

i'm glad i get to participate in "off-training" activities.